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Thread: HGH Schedule

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    HGH Schedule

    I was reading and soing research on the best ways to dose my HGH. Im 28 and about to start a HGH cycle (1st time). I see most people run it 5 on 2 off. In RB's post he said you could do it 5 on 2 off, 6 on 1 off, or just go for a straight seven. I see its half life is 4 hrs. So y wouldn't you run it for a straight 7. Would it shut down your pituitary system? IS it merely a $ issue. or do you simply just dont need it. Also i was cosidering ramping up to 5 iu's a day. Should i stay at 4iu's a day for a couple of weeks longer. 5iu's at 24 weeks or 4 iu's at say 26 weeks. What is the better cycle. Also how do you get in touch with a HRT doctor. Is that a endocrine Dr?

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    Most will use HGH 5/2 as that particular way of using HGH has been proven to work just as well as 6/1 and ED + this way you will also be saving yourself some money too.

    How much HGH you use and how long your cycle goes for depends on what you want to achieve. HGH generally takes a while to deliver noticable gains so the longer you use HGH for the better.

    Go to the HRT forum for info on HRT.

    Good luck.


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