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    Question Low dose at young age


    I'm 24 years old.
    I have 120 IU Somatrope. Never used GH before. I wanted to use it with winny. I read tons of articles and documentations about GH and I'm scared shitless. You know, about the acr*****ly and stuff like this. But I bought the GH and I want to use it if it's safe. Decided to take only 1 or 1.5 IU to avoid all side effects. One of my acquaintance said it will give me some mood and energy boost, a little better looking skin and some fat loss. It's actually enough to me, but he didn't said anything about the side effects. Is it possible I get any side effects (especially acr*****ly) at this dose in my age? And what are the possible benefits?

    I appreciate any help

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    That dose at your age will do nothing for you. You will need a lot more HGH than that.


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    not only will that dose give you no sides, and especially not acr*****ly, it will not really benefit you in any way

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