Hi all

I know the usual IGF cycle is usually around 4-5 weeks, then the general concensus is that your receptors need a break to up-regulate. However I was just wondering if anyone has used it for longer than this and what the results were like? did you find that the gains/benefits stopped at the expected time? The main reason i ask is that as far as i know most of the info on length of IGF cycle lengths and receptor recovery times seems to be based on theories and educated estimates (correct me if i'm wrong) because of the lack of medical studies on it.
Anyway i have done a few IGF cycles and always stopped at around the 5 week point. Mainly because i've only bought enough for that period, however i was thinking to maybe give it a go for 6-8 weeks to see if this continues to have a positive effect. Also is there anything that can speed up receptor recovery?
Anyway if anyone's got any ideas surrounding this it would be great to hear them. I'd rather find out in advance if its just going to be a waste of money