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    Facial Pain/pressure

    I've been on low dose GH 2iu's starting 3 days ago, which is why I feel pretty foolish asking this. Sides since day one were joint pain from head to toe, lethargy midafternoon, and headaches. However today I am noticing a pressure around my brow line that is really freaking me out. At such a low dose and duration it can't be bone growth but I was wondering if this is a common occurance or could it be a sign of things to come. I'm guessing it's just some swelling as the skin around my eyes is feeling tighter than usual. It seems a bit enlarged but I'm probably just being ridiculous and my eyes are playing tricks on me. This along with the jaw pain is making me second guess this cycle (4 months, 2iu 5/2). For the record the only reason I am taking is I lost a large amount of weight 10 years ago and I have some loose skin that never regained it's elasticity. Not much but enough to be annoying, I figured I'd give this a shot before going the surgery route. Oh and I'm 25....Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    The only real side affect from GH that I experienced was red blood shot eyes..

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    My joints are aching all over. My jaw hurts 1st thing on a morning, especially when i 1st eat something.

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    At 25, 2iu's 5/2 for 4 months will do very little for you. Your sides sound unusual to me. Typically swelling of the joints, numb fingers, lethargy, are the most common.

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