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    HGH and HCG in same insulin pin?

    Probably a stupid question, but is this ok to do? I asked a friend, and he said it was fine. I thought it would be fine as well, since I normally do that on cycle with a few compounds.

    Well I tried it, and I noticed a small red area a day later on my injection site. It has pain, redness, and a very slight if any swelling. I know these are all signs of infection, but I run antibiotics with my cycles. Im thinking maybe it has to do with the fact I injected so much liquid into that single area, not sure though. I have done hundreds of injections in the past, and none have ever done anything, as I am very careful, and sterile. Its already looking better, but I want to avoid this in the future.

    Am I overreacting, or is that a no-no? Oh, and the reason Im running HCG right now is Im starting my PCT for my last cycle. Ive only been on the HGH for 15 days. 2iu/day now, after a month Im going to 4iu/day, then possibly to 6iu/day after about 3 months.

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    to be honest with u i do not know. but why take them together ? take the hcg intra and the gh in the stomach. you kan mix oil based compounds like deca and test. in to the same syring. but i would maby not do that with the gh and hcg. by the way remember to inject it slowly in to you'r stomac. NO RUSH !!

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    I do it w/no problems. Both sub-q. I also mix both with bacteriostic water.

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