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Thread: Hgh and tumors

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    Hgh and tumors

    Hello guys. I am 32 and have been using testosterone enanthate for 4 months already. I want to start HGH. I have 2 boxes of ********** now ordered from a legit supplier but I am still scared of starting it. Do I really need to get a whole body CT scan to look for tumors before starting HGH? It is really expensive

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    Have you had previous problems?? GH does support tumor growth, so of course its a roll of the dice. If you think about, there is a up side, if you use GH and you do have a tumor its rapid growth will enable you to find it sooner and treat it, maybe before it becomes cancerous.....but that's not much of an up side if you ask me.

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    if your scared just pm me i will send you my adress and you can give it to me.

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