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    Need help with IGF-1

    Hey Guys,

    I have a question about IGF-1. I've been reading up as much as I can about it and I guess what I really want to be clear on is the reconstitution of it and the amount to inject. I have the .6% acetic acid which I believe is the best for reconstitution because it makes the IGF-1 last the longest. I also have the U-100 insulin syringes for the injections.

    Now my vial of IGF-1 is 1mg = 1000 mcg. So if the dose is 40mcg per day post work out and that would be split bilaterally that is 20mcg per stick. This seems like an awfully small amount to be trying to draw up even is a 1/2 cc insulin syringe.

    Am I understanding this correctly or am I totally whacked?

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    If you put 1ml of AA into the vial you'll get 1000mcg/ml concentration. Every 10 on the insulin syringe will be 100mcg. If you put 2ml into the vial you'll have 500mcg/ml concentration. Every 10 on the syringe will be 50mcg. If you put 4ml into the vial you'll have 250mcg/ml concentration. Every 10 on the syringe will be 25mcg. That's close enough?

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