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    Humatrope Cartridge question

    Does anybody know how to use a Humatrope cartridge without the PEN that it comes with...I just have regular insulin syringes...

    So anyone know how to draw it up without the PEN????


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    Yes, it's easy. Have you mixed it with the mixer it comes with? After that, there are two ends on the cartridge itself; one is just a red rubber stopper and the other is some white plastic piece. Take your insulin needle and puncture the red rubber stopper like you would any vial. Draw it out and use normally. The hole you puncture is small but works just fine.

    You will LOVE this stuff. My body is already transforming with only 5 weeks on this stuff. Only side I ever got was a headache when I went up to 3IU too soon. Except the lethargy is a pain LOL..

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