Hi guys and gals,

Needing some info on HGH.

I am in thailand and am a thai boxer. since my last fight 3 weeks ago i have got some niggling injurys (knee, rib, bi and hip) that have flared up again badly. They are all old injurys that i thought were away but seem to be back after HGH and HCG-999x%5B1%5D.jpgHGH and HCG-20150212_134850%5B1%5D.jpga good while even through rest and yoga. I am going to take a couple of months out i think to recover but would be great if i could get back to my passion sooner.

I would like to know that if i used hgh injections to help recover how long i would have to use them and when i could/should expect to notice a difference. I also like the fact that it will help with fat loss and would like to know when i would expect to see a loss in fat?

I am 33 145lb and probs about 8 to 10% bodyfat (approx)

Also can anyone shed some light on hcg drops for under the tounge? Do they actually help with fat loss but not with injury recovery?

The products that i have found in local pharmacy are

glotropin 8iu/amp (10amp/box) with sterile water included.
alpha pharma 10iu/amp 1amp/box

vitagon strength 5000 iu/amp
global strength 5000 iu/amp

Any info would be a big help?

Thanks again.