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    Questions about CJC w/dac

    After reading jimmyinkedup's log on MK677 & CJC w/dac I've decided to try this out(MK677-25mg Mon-Fri. & CJC 500mcg 2/week).
    I've got a couple of questions:

    1-would there be any problems if I reconstitute the CJC with B12?

    2-Would running T4 with this be as beneficial as running it with HGH?

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    Hi batoutofhell,

    1. I personally would not reconstitute any peptide with B12 (cyanocolbalamin) as it is a water-based vitamin and almost certainly has a bacteriostat in it. On that basis alone, this is likely to be a hostile environment for lypholised powder;
    2, On the basis that HGH levels are raised when using CJC 1295/Mod GRF (or any other GHRH) it may be prudent for the same reasons as outlined by Anthony Roberts in his instructive paper of 2006 to use T4 concomitantly. Start with low daily doses of 25mg. More than 50mg/day is not needed providing the patients TSH levels are within the normal range when starting therapy.


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