My Doc is trying to get me in the Saizen program for adults. 1 IU daily.

I'm 43 and have been struggling with a digestive illness that continued to snowball for 3 years. The Doc treating my gastro issues brought in an HRT expert to help prop me up and promote healing. I am currently taking .3ml of Test cyp every 3 1/2 days with .1 ml Nandro, .1ml Stanz.. along with 7.5 mg twice daily sustained release T3. Anabolics are too help gain weight since my low point was 6'2" 148 and also to lower SHBG (which was 70, now 46 after 3 months of protocol). Weight reference, I was 165lbs when I was 15, and 180-185 when I was 18 ( lean and above average muscularity, not freakish but always been fairly strong)

I'm currently 166lbs and feel like i have turned the corner. Doc believes the HGH will help me sleep better, heal faster and might be the missing link in getting back to 90+%.

Last blood work my IGF-1 was 125 (early Jan, 2017)

First pharmacy he submitted Letter of Medical Necessity turned me down. They actually had me fax in my blood work to them which I felt was odd. Seems like HGH is over-regulated. They said they are only giving HGH to adults with under 100 IGF-1.
He has submitted to another pharmacy and I'm hoping they will approve.

From reading the boards - it seems like 1 IU will be a pretty safe and side effect free dose (most likely). I assume it will be a morning IM injection.

Are there any strategies to help my nightly release of natural HGH? I was thinking of trying Mucuna Pruriens and possibly some amino acids to help give me body the substrate to get a better natural boost (at night). Arginine, Alpha GPC, and Now food Mucuna?

MK-677 seems hit or miss - but doubt I would go that route anyway. My Doc does not have experience with it and from scouring the boards my gut is telling me to stay away. Might be overkill if I'm on HGH too, even though it's a lower dose.

Healing is most important of course.. but I am cleared to start lifting and plan on 4 weight lifting sessions a week, with 1-2 yoga , hot yoga sessions, and 1 day a week of sprints (slightly uphill, and will build up to 10 sprints overall with the last 2 being 100ish yards) - I have been lifting lightly twice a week so I should be able to ramp up fairly quickly especially since protocol I'm on is helping with energy/mood. I doubt if I'll get much water retention with 1 IU, but has anyone tried Hot Yoga to help with that while on HGH?

Back to Mucuna, Parkinson's boards are an interesting read on it's effectiveness. They are going for as much L-Dopa to cross the blood brain barrier which is probably not the same goal as increasing HGH and buillding muscle. For Cognitive benefits they are having better luck with Mucuna powders and the Parkinson drug Sinemet which is carbidopa/levodopa. They haven't had as much luck with the Now Mucuna when it comes to their symptoms. Some peeps are combining Sinemet with Mucuna powder and getting good results. Interesting stuff though.

Anyways - my Doc requires me to do blood work every 3 months so whatever happens I can post the changes. So far, the biggest change in blood work has been 3 months of Stanz ( Winstrol ) lowering my SHBG from 70-46. I'm hoping to be below 30 next blood work so I can get off the Androgens and turn Natural T production back on....

fyi- Diet is already dialed in. I've been a proponent of whole foods for quite a while and rarely eat anything packaged other then some Coconut Oil potato chips from time to time - i need calories which are hard to get when your gut is healing. Gluten free and survive off pastured meats , wild caught fish, veggies, root veggies mainly. I stay away from canola, soybean or any kind of "franken" oil. I cook with animal fats, ghee, coconut oil, and/or olive oil while using my laser thermometer to make sure I don't heat them past their smoke points.

Sorry for the long post, there's alot in here. Any pointers would be appreciated, especially on a supplement routine to help the natural production at night.