Ok, so mcg and mg are for drugs but ml and liters are for either beer or gatorade!
Occasionally two units of measurement are provided for the mixing/diluting of GHRH, GHRP, and probably HCG and HGH. I'm smart but I'm dyslexic, no shit. So, having two units of measurement and no way to relate the two frustrates me as much as trying to get directions in downtown Miami, Florida. This may be just my issue but perhaps what I learned will help others. That is: simply find a way to incorporate mg/ml. The ml is the amount of bac water you are adding. The mg is the amount that we start with and can't change. Therefore, we are only worried about changing the denominator to achieve a ratio that we can base our dosing on and the cost of the product we are using. It's not calculus but, then again, calculus is easier.
mg/ml translates to mcg for your dosing.
Don't ask me about IU.