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Thread: Injectable HGH Vs. Oral HGH (MK-677)

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    Question Injectable HGH Vs. Oral HGH (MK-677)

    Has anyone here tried both? I'd prefer someone who ran separate cycles. one with the injectable form and one with the oral form. What were the main differences?

    • Cycle length
    • Amount of time before results showed
    • Side effects
    • Gains made during cycle
    • Gains kept after cycle

    Also, if you anyone can provide an argument as to why one is better than the other. Reason I'm asking this is because I'm bridging right now with the oral form, MK-677 (I'm at day 3) taking it with GW-501516. Mainly for fat loss and muscle maintenance. I'd take the injectable form if that's better and I'll run it maybe on my next cycle together with AAS.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I run both HGH, MK677, and other GHRP/H secretagogues and have 'cycled' and ran them at different times, together , and stacked, and have done so for years.

    I'll explain why I run them together (or rotate them in and out) later . for now the key points

    - The most powerful and effective form of GH is GH that is produced endogenously from the Pituitary gland. Even the highest quality Pharma grade exogenous HGH you buy from a pharmacy can be somewhat defective as opposed to your own GH.
    the reason why . in some people exogenous HGH , having not been produced by the pituitary, but taken in from outside the body , can be destroyed by the immune system . essentially your body sees this HGH as a foreign substance and it will create anti-bodies to destroy it .

    this is why some guys can take 6iu of a certain top brand of HGH and have great results and someone else can take that same exact brand and not have good results at all and will report that brand as bunk .
    Well the brand was not bunk, its just the second guys genetics are so that his body develops anti bodies and warrants that HGH useless.

    be aware that this will not show up on a blood test . guy A and guy B both inject the same amount of HGH and then go right in for a GH blood serum test and both tests will show that the blood levels are elevated (thus its a good brand of HGH) , however guy B makes little to no use of that elevated GH because his body breaks it down as a foreign substance.

    this also happens in certain degrees . So guy A make take 6iu of GH and put all 6iu to use , where guy B may only develop enough anti bodies to destroy half of that and thus gets only 3iu even though he injected 6 .

    soooo . thats the biggest issue here with exogenous HGH (as well as it being a very fragile peptide chain that can be easily weakened in shipping and administration) Your own naturally produced GH however is the purest and most powerful and your body will not break it down (unless you had some rare auto immune disease).

    now the biggest issue with things like MK or GHRPs is that they are limited by the Pituitary's ability to produce GH (as well as the whole glucose metabolism system in the body). You can only produce as much GH as that gland can put out . where exogenous HGH you can inject as much as you possibly want.
    But again, the bodys own HGH is much more pure and powerful and unlikely to get broken down.

    so this is why I choose to use both. I will use HGH to inject and get the highest blood level possible , and if its not that pure and my body starts to break that down, I will use GH secretagogues (timed properly) on top of that to also get as much natural growth hormone release as possible . <--- there is a little bit of science and technique to this, which no point in going into now.

    as far as 'cycling' HGH like your question asks about . I don't really see a point in cycling like you would an AAS stack for 8 weeks . HGH use is more of a long term commitment. eg., use it to illicit new growth factors that are immune to Myostatin up regulation , perhaps with IGF and insulin . doing that for say 12 months will stimulate a multitude of muscular sattelite cells (that are currently dormant) to become active . then add in AAS use to help grow and fill these cells to become full blown muscle cells . this is a long process.

    a lot more can be said , hope that gives you a few things to chew on for a bit
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    Alright Brother,
    Much of that is new knowledge for me. As I was reading a thought occurred. Doesn't combining the two run into trouble caused by the negative feedback loop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quester View Post
    Alright Brother,
    Much of that is new knowledge for me. As I was reading a thought occurred. Doesn't combining the two run into trouble caused by the negative feedback loop?
    not if you pin the exogenous HGH AFTER you have had a natural produced pulse from the GHRPs . this is actually
    amplifying blood levels higher then what would be possible running either one separately .

    eg.. GHRP gives you a natural pulse of GH , about an hour later your blood serum levels are elevated at say 10, then while those levels are elevated you inject the exogenous HGH and that goes directly into the blood stream (bypassing any pulse or anything needed in the GMS) , and say that 4iu of GH you inject is a dosage that would normally give you a blood serum of 25, well now that you injected on top of the ghrp pulse you have a level of 35. which will last an additional 2.5 hours (so longer lasting and higher blood levels of GH).

    but yes, if you did it the reverse of that , tried to initiate a GH pulse naturally while blood serum levels are high from exogenous hgh , then there would be issues and a non response .

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