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    HGH side effects...

    Hi all
    Im 51, 195 5'9" and around 12% BF
    Iv been running 3iu with two pins daily for right at 3 months now. Also i do 200 ml of cyp weekly for TRT.

    the only side effect i have noticed is joint pains and in the mornings my fingers are so stiff that i cant make a fist for almost an hour after waking. Are these symptoms normal, and is there anything i can do to minimize them?

    thanks in advance

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    I'll tell you from my experience with HGH that those are normal sides and a good indicator you have a quality product. I'm running HGH now at 1 to 1.5 IUs a day because 2 and above gave me those same sides. I might be more sensitive than some people. I don't think high dosing HGH is nearly as beneficial as I've read other users say. Too much HGH will cause you to retain water because of a lesser ability to release sodium, so you need to use a mild diuretic sometimes to help with those feelings. Also, too elevated HGH will make your blood pressure raise because of the extra water retention, which can also be slightly alleviated by taking a low dose aspirin every day. When I was taking 3iu a day and experiencing those sides I just started lowering and lowering until I felt good. My personal sweet spot is 1iu to 2iu MAX or I get sides I don't like. Plenty of people will probably say my dosage is pointless but my blood work shows this dose to raise my testosterone quite significantly due to HGH's effect on the pituitary causing LH release. Also increases my IGF1 by about 20 to 30%. So it gives me a boost. Might not be the same for everyone. Hope that helps.

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