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    We will likely not see any of your progress on HGH for 4-6 months simply because of how it works when we use it for growth . The GH is not growing your muscle , this isn't what we want it for , it's the IGF-1 of course as you probably know . The GH however causes this hyperplasia effect where the cells split essentially creating a new cell in a sense , these very tiny tiny satellite cells outside the nuclei , GH splits and "creates new cells" for new permanent muscle however it's happening in such small increments that it takes a lot of time using GH + the anabolics to grow these new cells .

    how many IU's are you using per day? I should also note , if you're spending money on something this expensive , at least invest in the tests to see your levels after a dose . You wanna make sure you're using the right about of IU's for your goal based on the grade of it .

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