Just trying to get a feel of those in our community who have been formally diagnoses with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, how many mg are you prescribed by your doctor/endocrinologist?

I first started on 0.3mg per day, now on 0.8mg per day, which is roughly 2.4IU. I want to get up to between 1.6mg and 2.0mg a day, which is between 5IU and 6IU. Would be happy on 1.8mg a day. I am in the Pfizer Bridge Program, which has a $0 co-pay.

Since I increased the Genotropin dose from 0.3mg to 0.8mg, I have felt extremely lethargic and tired all the time, and my sleep every night is 9-12 hours. I increased my T4 from 125mcg to 250mcg, and the lethargy has gone away.

Just curious to what dose everyone else is taking by prescription ONLY. Thoughts?