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    How to find best/cheapest place to test estrogen and prolactin

    I've been taking 3 iu's of HGH for the last 3 months. When I moved up to 4 iu's a day I noticed that my nipples got sore and yesterday I noticed a small bump under my nipple. I've heard that most gyno while on HGH is caused by prolactin and not estrogen as is common with AAS.

    This brings my to my question. If I needed to test my estrogen and prolactin levels whats the way to look for a testing lab? I'm going to stop taking the HGH for now but I want to continue and unfortunately I cant do so until I figure out if its estrogen or prolactin that I need to fight.

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    Cheapest way? Go to your doctor, tell them what your on, tell them that you want to keep an eye on your blood work, and ask them to order some tests.
    Then your insurance will pay for it, and the tests will permanently be in your medical records.
    Otherwise you really only have 2 options for private labs that I know of, and their prices are pretty comparable
    But the tests you are talking about should run about 150. If you can afford HGH I am sure you can swing that

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