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    The IGF-1 Trade-Off: Performance vs. Longevity

    I understand there maybe some controversy about this, thought the video states there isn't really. If there is a trade off between performance, and longevity, then wouldn't we see more famous people (that are obliviously on hormones) dying off more frequently? Maybe we need more time to tell?

    I also don't mean people who are abusing hormones, but doing them for basic anti-aging.

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    Completely anecdotal weirdness:
    High IGF-1 numbers tend to run in my family. It got watched heavily in several of my family members who ended up diagnosed with rapidly proliferating cancers.
    Even when I was hypo, my numbers were quite high, and actually stay about 30 points above the maximum “normal cutoff” now that I’m on TRT/cycles. Basically, the shit makes everything grow faster, good or bad, so yeah, there is a biological scale that’s going to be weighted either toward “live longer” or “be stronger”, so to speak.
    It’s kind of related to how when you will never see a 90+ year old man who is over 200 lbs. no matter what the composition; it’s not just age related decline. A bigger machine just has more places for shit to go wrong, and while organs can hypertrophy a fair amount to compensate, we still all effectively have the same “engine” to run our bodies, regardless of size.

    TL;DR-the bigger you are, the shorter your life, period, and IGF-1 does appear to play a notable role in this. I for one don’t give a shit though. Well worth the tradeoff to not be a “normal” who spends their last 20 years of “life” shitting in a diaper, just becase “longevity”.

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