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Thread: Tanning II

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    Cool Tanning II

    So, thanks to the wacky wonders of oil-based, um, substances - and an occasional zit - I'm actually thinking about doing some artificial tanning. I checked out the Hollywood Tans web site - not that I know anything about the place, but they seem to have more locations than anywhere else and they're close by - and wonder how whether it's worth it.

    Their unlimited tanning rate per month is $60 for an "HT42X Quality 11-minute" tan, $125 for an "HT54 High Quality 10-minute" tan, and $150 for en "HT60 Ultimate 8-minute" tan.

    So my obvious question is . . . Does anyone know the difference between these, and is one actually better than the other? There doesn't seem to be a hell of a difference between eight minutes and 11 minutes for a tanning session (except for 2-1/2 times the cost). Is there something I'm missing, are these tanning booths cool (do they work), and are they worth the hype?

    Thanks for any feedback, o' tan ones.

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    I used to tan every day and your body can only get so dark they really do work but i think if your going to tan unlimited i.e. everyday go with the cheapest because the more you tan your body can only get so dark

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    pure anger is right

    i have been to hollywood tans and to be honest teh one by me, their beds sucked.but that may not be all HT's.where do you live?i thought they only had hollywood tans in nj/ny?i'm probably wrong though.i just use the VHR beds in any friend own a salon in my old home town and she's always tellign me to make sure that i find a salon that changes their bulbs every 400-600 hrs.most don't because it's expensive to do it that way.when you go in ask them how many hrs between changing the bulbs.they will prob lie but you may catch them off guard and look like you knwo what you are talking about then they won't try to screw you on the packages,haha.i alternate between lay down and standup bed to avoid tan lines, just another thought.use a good lotion too. i like EuroTan Cobalt Optimizer w/ the tingle factor or LA Express Expresso or LA EXpress Sweet knwo how when you tan you look darker rigth after then you shower and you look lighter?thats' the just washed off in teh shower so do be sold on crazy expensive lotions w/ bronzers.and make sure you moisterizer you face so you don't dry out your skin after prolonged's great to be tan but you don't want your face to feel like your gf's handbag.haha.hope this was all of some help.

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    Hollywood Tans down here has the best beds. And its only 17 bucks a month for unlimited. They change their bulbs all the time too.

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    Uh , well out west here i don't know if there is any BRAND name franchises..LOL , but i tan, just at a local tanning "salon"(??). It's decent, it gives me color, it's no HOLLYWOOD shindig or anything special like yours pbnyc!!!

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    usually there low, med and high intensity. everyplace is different. some have new bulbs and some don't. some beds are awesome for a few weeks, then the bulbs get old and they suck. my advice is to ask around about places near your house and go to a place that friend likes

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    shit...i just go to the laocal tanning and jump in a bed...and wallllaaahh i come out tanner...
    not rocket science...
    they seem to keep there bulbs up to shape all the time..

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    I'm in Florida. I have a pretty killer tan just by going to the jacuzzi on the roof of my gym for 15 minutes every day. I dry off after getting out and then sit or lay down for 15 minutes. My mom says she is worried whenever she sees me. I only see her every couple of weeks so when summer comes around she gets quite a shock. She thinks I'll get skin cancer. It is something to consider tho.

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    Jasonfair..... You have Pm

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    Originally posted by dane26
    usually there low, med and high intensity.
    Correction, low, med and full intensity. Thats the one i always use LOL

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    Each tanning bed has different strength and affects. Most tanning beds are between 10.000 - 15.000 watts. We have two different brands that produce two different skin color. We offer sun tan(brownish) and snow tan(redish color). Latest tanning beds have longer bulb life than previous models. MegaSun (german made) bulbs last up to 1000 hours. Most bulbes(other brands) must be replaced every 600 hours.
    Hygine is one of the most important thing in tanning business, the beds must be cleansed after each session with special disenfectant.
    Always moisturize your skin before and after tanning to prevent dry skin that leads wrinkles and premature aging.

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    the stronger the bulb...and the more bulbs per bed...the less time is needed to achieve your desired darkness....what it really boils down to is you get done faster...i guess the theory is less exposure (time wise)to the uv rays the less negative consequences...

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