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Thread: #$#@ red lines

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    #$#@ red lines

    I started tanning about 12days ago and have already been three times. I have these two red lines that go across my abs that look like the burnt into my skin. I havn't tanned for about 4 days and there still there. What seems to have happened is that when I sit down I get creases(lines) in my skin across my stomach, and it looks like the creases take on more sun then everything else. They are really annoying and look bad when I flex my abs. If I continue tanning will these lines eventually go away?? I am also using aus. gold iced creme dark tanning lotion w/ a bronzer.

    All help would be appreciated

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    Aloe on the "burned" skin after and use a sun screen on that area when tanning until it blends. Then only tan lying down so there are no creases. Most of us can relate to what's happened to you.

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    talk to the owner or someone that works there...they can usually lead you in the right direction bro...

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