Some background: about 2 - 3 years ago, I moved from lifting dumbbells to barbell compound heavy lifting. The core of my workout includes bench, squat, and deadlifts. After about a year, my left shoulder got so sore that I could not sleep on it. I gave up lifting altogether for about 6 - 8 months and focused on sprinting and high intensity cardio. Of course, I lost way too much weight that way, but my shoulder improved. I switched to pushups, pullups, and chinups, and had no problems.

About a year ago (when I started TRT), I went back to compound heavy lifts and have been steadily increasing my weight. Over the past month, I'm starting to get a twinge of soreness again in my left shoulder. I've tried to take it easy and dial back the bench over the past couple of weeks, but, every time I bench, I get the soreness (in fact I have it now from this morning). My question is how to handle this... I'm inclined to stop benching while keeping squats and deadlifts and focus on pushups/pullups/chinups again. Any advice out there? It does not start bothering me until I hit PR limits and break through them just slightly (5 - 10 lbs).

For reference, I'm currently 37 yrs old.