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    Left Arm Tennis Elbow - TB500 and Anavar Question

    I have tendinitis in my Left Arm, left lateral tendon near my elbow.

    It started about two months ago.

    I think I tweaked it bench pressing and it's got progressively irritated since then.

    I noticed it was sore pretty soon after it happened. I did the usual. Iced it twice a day and rested it. Took about two weeks off from lifting.

    It was feeling fine, but as soon as I put some weight on the Left arm that tendon started aching.

    I started Two 1/2 weeks ago on TB500 2.5mg 2 x a week.
    Also I've been taking a collagen supplement, OTC Vitamin, supposed to help with Type 1 & 2 Collagen types.

    I have used TB500 before, about a year ago.

    It was for my Right arm, same type of elbow injury, but I hurt it during a Martial Arts class. Probably bent it too far in a direction it didn't like. That time I didn't feel it until the next day.

    Last week I did a Chest workout, machine bench press and machine flys. Seemed fine, a little stiff afterwards.

    Yesterday I did a Tricep - Bicep workout. Tricep Machine and Cable Press down, didn't notice any stiffness.

    The problem came when I tried to do incline dumbbell curls.

    It provides a really good stretch to the bicep. My left arm instantly didn't like it at all. Immediate pain and hard time straightening the arm out.

    I took a little rest and tried single arm, back to the machine cable curls. The left arm was a little stiff at first, but it loosened up and I was able to do four sets each arm.

    It was sore on the way home and last night. Iced it for about 20 minutes.

    When I took TB500 before I took 2.5mg 2 x a week for 5 weeks and 2 doses a Month for 2 Months as a maintenance. It seemed to work well. I would say 90% healed rate. The only problem the left is a lot more sore than the right was.

    My question is, I read that Anavar is good for tendons. I've never taken it before. Not sure if you can take Anavar and TB500 at the same time? Has anyone noticed an improvement after taking Anavar?


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    I wouldn't think there would be any reasons not to take the two together, I haven't seen anywhere that tb500 is toxic to the liver

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