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Thread: Shoulder pain

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    Shoulder pain

    Hi guys, going through the wars at the moment, all due to overtraining. I havenít trained for over 5 weeks now, had really bad tennis elbow, thatís coming along really good. But I also had some right delt pain inside the shoulder, it mainly hurt during raises but I remember the first time it hurt was benching.

    Now after a lay off it seems to be hurting more, mainly in the mornings, not sure if itís bursitis or what. Any suggestions guys ? Iím a noob to injuries and even though Iíve been training for 17 years this is the most Iíve been injured. Itís kind of a sharp pain and mainly when I raise my arm.

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    Shoulder injury is VERY common among weight lifters. I changed a couple of things to save my shoulders. Doing dumbbell laterl raises with your palm facing down is the most common exercise for the medial delt. Unfortunately, this motion is really bad for the rotator. It's just a matter of "when" you will get shoulder injury over "if". The safer way to do lateral raises is to lean slightly forward and raise the dumbbells with your thumbs facing up. This motion loads the shoulders but not the rotator.

    The benching motion, the flat bench stretches that same rotator to its limit. Either don't bring the bar all the way to the chest of stop the flat bench all together. There are other great chest exercises that does not stress the shoulder as much. There are a lot of examples on YouTube.

    You should also look at running TB500 for your shoulder injury. There is a great log in the HGH/Peptides forum. Good luck.
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