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    Lifting with a torn cuff. What can you do what to avoid?

    Made the switch from road biking to weight lifting. Bike is on the wall for now. Haven't lifted in years and tonite was my first go. Loved it, missed it actually.

    I snapped my rotator cuff about a year ago. As frustrating as it is there has to be lifters out there with the same injury who adapted.

    Shifting over to triceps and that's where I felt it the most. I noticed that I was bailing on my right triceps (rip on right) and didn't catch myself until a couple sets in. Like I was still working through my sets but when focusing on that actual tricep an overwhelming feeling of "Hey bro watch out for us, we're gonna crunch your shoulder". Later as the pump settled in I didn't feel totally free around said shoulder. It wasnt painful but like could feel my body telling me to travel with caution.

    Do you hang out at low weights until your body successfully builds muscles to compensate for the injury? Do you avoid certain excercises? Are there rotator cuff injury specific exercises?

    I have an elastic band somewhere around here. Will spending 5 minutes a day conditioning the cuff with post surgery (have not had the surgery) exercise routines help?
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    Yeah it will definitely help. I find that it helps temporarily enough to get my workouts in but still comes creeping up to kill me at some point, usually when im trying to get a confortable spot to sleep. But with regular strectching and cuff excercises it has been a significant help when done regularly

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