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    Tricep strain or tear, your thoughts?

    Hey guys.

    I was training shoulders/triceps yesterday, I was upto my last shoulder excercise which is a behind the neck barbell shoulder press.

    I did the first 2 reps then I felt pain in my right inner tricep area near elbow and I put The bar down and I felt around my arm. It felt a little weird but I decided to move to triceps and start training then (stupid idea)

    Skull crushers
    Single arm pull downs

    I didnít get much pain at all and I could do each set with little to no pain.

    Once I got home I noticed lower tricep inner area was a little swollen and light pain 2/10 for pain if flexed. I have iced my arm and had a long hot shower too and it helped I also put a compression sleeve on it which has helped a lot.

    Itís morning right now, I canít make too much of a straight arm without pain 3/10

    There is some swelling but no bruising.

    Would you think this is a strain or a tear? Iím giving it Time to rest to heal itself but in a weeks time if itís still bad Iíll go drs.

    What do you guys think?

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    Opinion is to keep an eye on it. Take something for inflammation. Ibuprofen maybe. Check again for bruising. Can you move it normally? Obviously pain but if it isn’t moving with normal motion go see doc. If it starts bruising then probably small tear. I tore a hamstring and didn’t have bruising for 2 days. After that it bruised up pretty bad though. Again all just my opinion and what I have done. If I could go back, I would have went to doc once I saw bruising.

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