Title: Middle Finger Swollen Only after Exercise...I'm super worried.

During my 5th week of a Test E. and (dbol 20 mgs / day for only 5 weeks cycle), I decided to use something like Pervatin which was using during WW II by the Germans to stay awake for 4 or more days basically a methampethamine

The purpose of the pervatin was only experimental, and used to exercise the "other muscle" used in bed, the 3rd leg to enlarge the penis muscle by performing many high intensity JELQ exercises

I did about 1500 of these JELQ exercises which can be very mundane

Towards the tail end I noticed that the index finger bacame sore and then enlarged to swollen a day after that

The middle finger is not discolored not even purple, it is just swollen large enough to cause me a bit of anxiety

I can enclose the middle finger all the way

I will have to cut my cycle to only 5 weeks of Test E. and being PCT soon because of this, because with a swollen index finger I can't really do a good exercise cycle.

Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and the swelling will go away?

JELQ is basically a penis enlargement exercise that's as old as ancient times of taking the penis and putting it between the index finger and the middle finger and then upstroking for as many reps as you can and holding the top postition for about 2 seconds then repeating

I've done jelq's before in the 3,00o to 4,000 range without any swelling, but that was 2 years ago without any problems when i was 46, now i'm 48, could this be arthritis....but just on 1 finger --the middle finger?

There's no pain in the indexx finger just some discomfort from the swelling
My thoughts are ...that during the jelq session of 1500 reps which is a whole lot, I did not hydrate enough with water causing cramps in my calf muscles, too and sweated profusely...so MAYBE there is a muscle-cramp-induced bruise that has no visible tell-tale signs of a typical bruise (not black & blue) made worse by the lack of enough water-drinking?

I'm worried and sorry about this, but any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to workout with weights again in the next 2-3 days.

Thanks, again.

I don't do this often, but the swelling will probably go away?