after reading the sticky for tendonosis/tendonitis, I believe I have tendonosis in both my knees. it developed by doing heavy squats explosively over the course of a year without giving them enough rest. anytime I do any kind of squatting motion, they wont really hurt immediately, but a few hours later I feel it. rest doesn't help them, RICE doesn't help, doctors have been useless and I can't afford to keep going to them.

in the tendonosis thread, doc.sust lays out a plan to rehab the injury. my question are:

1. has anyone tried those methods and did they help?
2. how long did it take to see improvement?
3. did the tendonosis keep coming back?
4. should I use the exact movement that jacks up my knees on a daily basis or can I use a slightly different movement (wide stance squats do damage, squats with my feet directly together do not).

thanks for any info you can give me