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Thread: Tendonitis vs Tendinopathy (elbows)

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    Tendonitis vs Tendinopathy (elbows)

    I developed pretty bad elbow pain the beginning of last year. I've had tennis elbow in the past and have been able to manage it but this time it was on the inner part of the elbow so I thought I had golfer's elbow. Initially, I was controlling the pain through the usual: rest, ice, friction massage, avoidance of painful activities, NSAIDs, Theraband, mega doses of fish oil, TB500, brace, etc. At one point it got so bad, I could no longer do any pulling movements and the inner elbow was super tender to the touch. An MRI indicated "mild inflammation". So I continued w/the standard modality of treatment for golfers elbow or medial epicondylitis. Until the NSAIDs had zero relief.
    What I learned was I no longer had inflammation or tendonitis; the tendon (or portions of it) had degenerated or tendinopathy. So, all modalities for tendonitis were useless. So, I redirected my research towards different type of injury and basically I found out that the tendons, by design, get very poor blood flow so, once damaged, it can take years to heal. So, after having tried every rehab modality, in mid January I had a PRP shot and began doing eccentric wrist curls daily. Why eccentric, you might ask. Well, because eccentric movements is one of the few medically proven ways to treat tendinopathy. I'm attaching a link to an article by two doctors and it will explain all. I highly recommend it.
    So, after the PRP and doing the negatives daily, I'm noticing very slight improvement but it's something and I know it'd take a long time.
    This injury has had a tremendous impact on me because I've been a gym rat for 20 years having to have to work around the injury has sucked. But I'm hopeful that I finally have the proper diagnosis and I'm doing the right treatment.
    Sorry fellas, I know this thread got super long but I'm hurting and wanted to share my struggle.
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    thanks for the thread

    i am struggling from body tightness and tendon tightness, so this is something i will look further into

    thanks for sharing and keep us posted on your progress

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