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    April Most Improved Information

    Most Improved Transformation Contest

    This contest is on the look of the end result... (Most improved from beginning to end)

    Start picture verses, end picture (hard to argue with) 4 pictures ( front double bicep, rear double bicep, front relaxed , back relaxed)

    We will have outside judges (seems to have worked best in the past)

    A special thread or sub-forum will be opened for pictures to be posted in when all the competitors pictures are posted others can post giving their support…

    Competitors can have a blog or thread to rally support, get advice etc... Not mandatory but does help to have support from other members….

    Competitors can post pictures in their thread or blogs all along the way if they like as they will not help or hurt either way, as the judges will not see them...

    This contest will run for 3 months. End date is July 10th.

    Good luck to all…
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