Hello all,
Ok first off not looking to be a huge bodybuilder, although I give a high-five to the girls that can!
I do not have that desire. My goals are simple.
I want my bikini body back I was a model for 9 years and had the tone and cut to make me smile when I put that new bikini on and looked in the mirror.

NOW. I just graduated med school and have had to let up on myself a bit.

I revamped my diet and have been pretty successful over the last 6 months at getting myself to a good weight, and I have been working out on a pretty good schedule 4-5 days a week (I cant do 7 days a week cause I work double shifts 2 times a week, lol but I wear my ankle weights on these shifts lol)

So now that I have all the "extra" weight off I just want to get my tone back I have hit a plateau in my gym routine and can not seem to continue my improvement at this point.

I am 24 years old
Height 5'4 and a half
Weight is about 140
If calculating it right, im at 24%-26% body fat

I was looking into anavar and a few others but I have read enough forums to have me all twisted up so I figured I would just throw my info out there and see what kind of advise I receive.

I am open to new gym routines and new diet plans whatever will help but I am looking for mostly advise on supplements and / or steroids .

I previously used lipo 6 for her and tolerated it well I had good success with it the first time but did not this time.

Thank you in advance!!