Hello Everyone! I wanted to post because I feel that there is a lack of info in regards to Female Testoerone Propinate Cycles. I personally have been pinning (intramuscular injecting) 1/10th of a ML every 3 days (which is, from what Iíve read, a low dose) for almost three weeks now, and I personally have experienced minimal side effects. I will say, I have noticed and increase in oil production in my skin. And by that, I mean my face. I hardly ever had breakouts before, except for maybe a few minor pimples right before I start my period, buuut, now I have noticed a shift in not only my oiliness, but also my skin texture. Ladies!! Please just make sure you have a good skin care routine! I have yet to experience any other other side effects. Ie, voice deepening, (still minorly high pitched voice ) or enlarged clit...(which may not, in my case, be so bad haha) I hope that this post reaches anyone who is curious about starting a cycle. I would be more than happy to share my experiences, thus far, and also discuss thier goals and why they would EVEN consider starting something like this. Please feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!!!