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    Red face Heya guys ;) need some creatine help

    Hey everone i just wanna start off saying that everyone on this site rocks! Got alot of info in here . Well i just had a question about creatine, ive done my reasearch and i get the general idea of how it works and all. My problem is that i know once you stop using it you will lose some of the wieght/gains you got from it (water retention), i just wanted to get some examples on how much of these losses vary from? for example i weigh about 140lbs and am 5'6 and im only using it to add more mass and help out with strength gains. I know everyone is different physically and theres no certain % of loss to be expected but lets just say i gained 15 lbs off creatine, now how much of that 15lbs would i lose if i stopped taking it after a cycle? yea its a dumb question for me to ask i guess. Lol basically i wanna know how the end results were for you guys that took and stopped for a while were.I do plan on lifting wieghts on daily schedules on or off creatine also. So bascially i just want a little boost in wieght gain because im one of those hardgainers, will creatine be worth it for me? even 5lbs in the long run will be good enough for me :P. Thx for all your info bros!

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    you wont gain 15lbs cos of creatine! in my experience you gain about 3/4 lbs of water depending on saturation and the payoff is a small endurance benefit. It is suitable for you as a beginner and I used to use it. But now I have muscle I prefer to keep it lean and just use natural aggression for my lifting so I leave the creatine these days.

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    Welome to AR bro!

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    Welcome to AR. You should post that question in the suppliment forum. But I will tell you here, at 140 lbs, you're more than likely not going to gain 15 lbs from using creatine. If I find this posted in the suppliment forum I'll go into more detail for you. I'm not being picky or anything, but they say to use this forum to just say hi and not to ask any steroid questions. As a senior member, I think I should set an example by going by the rules or AR.

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    welcome to AR. if you are new to lifting (just a guess seeing as you say you weigh 140) i expect youll gain pretty quickly at first no matter what you do. Check out the supplement, workout and diet forums. Oh and you wont gain 15lbs off creatine, if you are like me, you wont hold any water at all and you wont really gain any size from the extra creatine itself.

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    welcome to the site, have fun

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