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    Talking Retained gains & 21 days into PCT


    I had done an 8 week cycle of 250mg deca /250 test E / dianabol cycle
    gained about 26 lbs

    I am now 3 weeks into PCT (finished 500 HCG /day for 10 days/nolva 20mg day)

    Lost 3.5 of 26 lbs - 21 days after end of cycle, no difference in physique however. Now stats 6"3 & 190

    no erection problems, balls good size, but sack is usually shrunk (like in cold weather)

    calories are about 4000-5000 per day, workout weight & strength is as much as was on last days of cycle, I now workout with low intensity now

    How much do I have to wait to consider "kept gains"? 1 month after cycle? provided diet, workout and calories are in check. I was underweight before cycle, now good physique of a fit person

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    thos are some hella gains bro. congrats. The test E and the deca especially will stay active in your system for a few weeks after your last shots. You probably gained quite a bit of water which usually takes me a little while to get rid of. I think that you will probably lose a little more weight/strength, but it was a pretty short cycle so you should recover natty levels fast. good luck.

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    lol @ balls good size, but sack is usually shrunk (like in cold weather)

    i know this isnt the point of this thread at all, but your calorie count has a 1000 cal deviation, so this probably means that you really arent on any type of "formal" diet at all... details are everything when it come to diet, so consider locking down your macro's... or be on a planned carb/ protein cycle.

    oh yeah... congrats on your effort/ results thus far

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    sharp end of a needle
    good work bro keep up hard work

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