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    PCT for 4 weeks of dbol ?!

    Hey guys , i've stupidly took 4 weeks dbol at about 20 to 25 mgs a day , i know its awful and the shittiest cycle ever , my question is , can the balls shrink in these 4 weeks , i mean can dbol cause shrinkage in that time frame ?

    and if i wanna do a pct what do u suggest

    one more question , in the previous PCT's i did , in the end of pct i would feel like a 14 year old again , then after about a week or two it kind of calms down , its know that SERMS can raise test levels to above normal levels a little , so in the end of pct if they are above normal a little , they should taper down a little right ??

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    i've never used PCT on any of my dbol or winny cycles. They worked well and I retained my size.

    I also did not have any of the side effects noted. I actually didn't even get irritable "roid rage " like most do. I just got super strong and gained some hard muscle fast.

    i would keep an AA and SERM on hand just in case you are prone to gyno. I think my body handles it very well.

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    binder, is dbol the only thing that you were taking? i have about 5 wks of dbol (1st cycle ever) and am wanting to know other peoples opinion.

    this is what ive been told
    -2o-25mgs aday
    -milk thisle
    -ammeno acid
    -alot of water

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    honestly i did a dbol cycle at about 40mg a week for 6 weeks and no pct. kinda stupid i know. no big problems, and my pecs barely got softer.
    i just finished a cycle 3 weeks ago of anabol10 which is the same thing as dbol (2 weeks at 30 mg and another 2 at 40mg)and im now using nova 10mg every other day. i notice no problems. thats just me though. any opinions on my cycle and pct is much appreciated.

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    Dont NOT do a PCT.

    Get some Clomid and an AI and conduct a 4-5 week PCT. Although Dbol may not cause complete HPTA shutdown, it will inhibit the HPTA in a nukber of ways.

    wk 1-4 Clomid 25-50mg/ED
    wk 1-5 Arimidex 0.5-1mg/ED

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    Like said above, not doing PCT is totally stupid.

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