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    Nolvadex Question

    If my balls have shrunk only a bit and are a little higher up in my sack will just nolvadex at 20mg for 3 weeks be able to bring them back to normal?

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    nope, probably not.
    you need hcg

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    Per my recent research some people (especially older dudes) apparently can't always get testicular function back with Clomid and Nolva alone in PCT. I am on my 5th week of PCT using Ralox, Clomid, and Nolva and although everything else if back to normal, my libido is shot and I have the same problem you do as well. I've come to the conclusion HCG is the only answer as well after bouncing the problem off a few forums and an online doctor.

    Other than just waiting it out of course...

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    Yeah HCG is the answer. I once had the same problem and no need to worry.

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