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    Test E cycle PCT

    12 wks 500mg p/wk Test E.
    Going to use something like .25 or .5mg/day Liquidex wks 1-12.

    1st ever cycle. 24yrs, 6'2" 220lb about 12-15%bf.

    I was thinking of 4 weeks pct Nolvadex 40mg/ed first 2 weeks then 20mg/ed wks 3 and 4 and Clomid 100mg/ed first 2 weeks then 50mg/ed wks 3 and 4.

    Advice please.
    Would I use the same PCT and the Liquidex if I were to add 20mg/day Dbol wks 1-4 or 200mg/wk Deca wks 1-10? (Thinking of a future cycle, going to start with the test only cycle first)
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    Looks fine.

    I would only run the clomid at 100mg/ED for the first week.

    PCTs don't really change when the cycle changes, so the same would work for your next cycle, if you included deca .

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