I reposted my question in this section after getting no help in another section..

A have a problem that is probably pretty different than what usually gets brought up on here. Long story short, I am gyno prone and got gyno in the past from dbol that was labeled as anavar . I attempted a letro reversal with no success, I actually worsened my gyno with the estrogen rebound from the Letro.

Fast forward a few months and I get my gyno surgery done. Things are looking ok but I can tell that the surgeon didnt completely remove everything.... whatever..

Recently finished a 1 month cycle of S-4. Went ok, didnt feel suppressed at all. I began to carry out my planned PCT: Tamox 40/40/20/20 and Torem 90/60/30/30

Two weeks into taking those doses I began to get the telltale symptoms.. Burning, tender nips, swelling... WTF?

My question is.. Is it possible that tamox doesnt actually block the receptors in my body?? I swear it feels like it aggravates my gyno. Every time I have used tamox I get no results...

6 years training
All oral only cycles... m1t, dbol(which gave me gyno), winstrol

I had spent the last 8 months on this site reading and reading and reading and preparing for my upcoming cycle of test E. Looks like thats getting put on hold until i figure my shit out.

Got my blood work done last tues after I stopped taken my tamox and torem..

ALT A 58 <50 U/L

AST A 49 <30 U/L

FSH 4.0 <10.0 IU/L

Luteinizing Hormone (LH) 3.5 <10.0 IU/L

Estradiol 144 <150 pmol/L

Free Testosterone 33.1 24-95 pmol/L