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    Nolva and adex together for PCT?

    My stats are in my profile. I'm finishing a 12 week Test/Deca /var cycle. In Swifto's sticky I read that nolva and adex can be taken together for PCT. I'm on adex right now during my cycle and I love the stuff. I'd like to take it through PCT. I'll also be taking Nolva and clomid. Any thoughts on why nolva and adex can't be taken together?

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    There is no need to run the adex through PCT, because you have ran it on cycle estrogen has been managed, (so you don't want to drive estrogen to low during PCT) stop the adex the day you start PCT, you can of course taper the adex dose down as the androgens leave your system, but you don't say how much adex you were taking or how long you are going to wait till PCT.
    Nolva reduces the efficacy of adex by around 38% BTW.

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    I would just run nolva and clomid, should be all you need for pct.

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    Have you though about the use of HCG i would run Nolva and clomid nolva for 6 weeks and clomid for 5 Nolvadex 40/20/20/20/20/20 Clomid 100/50/50/50/50

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