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    Pct start time question

    Hey guys I was taking primo and propionate and I took my last primo shot 5 days ago and my last prop shot 3 days ago
    And I read the pct start time thread and it says primo your supposed to wait 14 days after and with prop it's a 3 day wait if I wait till Monday it would be a 7 day wait since my primo shot and 5 days since my prop shot
    So I'll be start my pct 7 days short of the primo wait and 2 days extra for my last prop shot
    Will that be ok does that sound like a sound solution to my problem with such different compounds I was taking any good advice or inputs would be good thanks

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    Whats the confusion? just start PCT 2wks after your last primo shot.

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    Start PCT after 14 days after your last shot bud what does your PCT look like?

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