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    Thumbs up should I change my nolvadex dosage or through in an AI ?

    Hi, I ve been doing dbol and winstrol cycles for about 6 weeks at moderate dosage. I know that sounds stupid to you already ,but its cheap and what I have availible. Ive been doing approx 30mg nolva twice a day while on. again I get it cheap, that prob too much but i get moon face easy. for post cycle should I change the nolvadex dosage or ad an ai etc, or should i use clomid while on and nolva for post cycle. I know the nolvadex can stunt gains while on a cycle so is there a better alternative. I have letro availble not aromasin though. Ive been doing 600 iu of hcg a day pct along with the nolva. is that good enough and should I worry about my natural t levels with the hcg. I also dont want to hear how stupid this is from the chimps out there.(its just what i do,I know it is going to kill my liver) but anything helpful would be appriciated. also heres my stats
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