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    Well I'm actually on my cycle now and in the first week gyno set in. I'd been taking arimidex .5mg eod witch obviously didn't combat the gyno so I started nolva and the symptoms completely subsided within a few days. I was going to discontinue the nolva at the end of this week and see how I do without it. My real question is, that this time and every time in the past upon starting nolva, I develop ED. Is this common? Also is it a good idea to try and discontinue the nolva at the end of the week or should I continue throughout my cycle?
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    What all are you taking? What where the past cycles? Did you do any preliminary blood work?

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    Hmm. This is interesting. I've been using tamox for about a month, but have had ED issues my entire life. Recently found prami to cure it, so I'm gonna look into prolactin bloodwork and see if I have a tumor.

    I did not notice any ED while taking tamox+prami.
    At first, I did think that tamox made my normal ED worse. I'm not sure if it was all in my head or not

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