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    PCT - Clomid - Nervous about my anxiety/depression problems

    I am on Lamictal ODT and my next cycle, is going to be a full real cycle.

    500mg Test E week
    75 mg Var daily
    HCG 500iu week

    I am hoping the HCG will help with the hormonal problems when coming off of cycle. But I have ran oral only cycles, anavar in the past and used Nolva only PCT, I ran clomid once years ago and it did not sit well with me, granted I wasnt taking my meds then either and I was MUCH younger.

    Should the HCG in my cycle help with when transfering to PCT and I was wondering if there are other people with anxiety and depresison problems and they have any suggestions when running clomid?

    I am starting with running a lower dosage of clomid to start also......

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    I had an episode of panic attacks that started during pct of my first cycle of test e and dbol . I just felt drained during 2nd week of pct and started to show symptoms of panic. At this point I was only using nolva and decided to add clomid to help speed recovery. The clomid did NOT have any negative affects on anxiety, although many people do report emotional problems while using the drug. I guess it varies from person to person and maybe some over-hyping its effects on mood.

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    Torem is suppose to be superior to clom with no sides... Ill be trying it after my next cycle

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    I used Torem last cycle and LOVED it. Wasn't moody at all like I was with Clomid. You wont recover any faster/better with Torem but (at least for me) the mood swings should be to a minimum. I also take my Pct meds before bed which is something I didn't do before (don't know how much that factors in or not).

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    Not much to add other than hCG will definitely assist in your transition to PCT and you will notice a marked difference. I have done both and the difference is noticeable.

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    add HCG in during ur cycle..

    as for the clomid, its a partial agonist and antagonist.. one of the areas of agonism is at the amygdala ( the site in the brain that controls the response to stressor and interpets if the stress is enough to elicit anxiety).. you see many women with anxiety/depression issues and that is due to the estrogen at the amygdala, it changes it on the genetic level to be more apt to notice possible "hurtful" situitations..

    As for replacing it w/ torem.. not so much of a fan becase torem is a 2nd generation version of Tomaxifen. so basically what you would be doing is doubling the dose of that type of SERM but with less possible issues due to the better selectivity of torem.

    As for clomid being superior to torem? superior at what is the qeustion and how long are you waiting to get the results. CLomid works much faster at the pituitary level to increase LH output and create larger LH pulse, so initally clomid is superior. Torem and Tomax increase the frequency of pulse generation, which is better for full recovery in the long run.
    IMO, clomid is a MUST in every PCT. but thats another long winded discussion, that i bet you dont wanna get intot hat.. if u do, then start another thread and id be happy to discuss my opinions on that.

    why are you taking the lamictal? its an off label depression med but maily for 'overactivity' problems in the brain, IE epilepsy/ and bipolar.. it doenst have any interactions w/ ur pct meds so you are safe there... nevertheless, using clomid w/o using lamictal *( when u need it ) would def increase the anxiety response that u had w/o it. being on that medicaion could help stem any of the anxiety issues that youhad.

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