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    Unsure what an effective pct would be for my situation, please help!

    I started suffering from gyno 2 years ago and so since then i started including as little test as possible while stacking.
    I'm currently 208 pounds with 15 percent body fat.
    I'm taking Deca 200 mg/EW, test prop .5 mg /EOD, Winstroll 150 mG / EOD and Anavar 40 mg/ED.

    I Started this cycle a month ago and last week gyno has become inflamed and irritated. Although the Raloxifene was originally going to be part of my PCT, I wanted to start taking it now to help with symptoms and possibly prevent gyno from getting any worse, but if I start the Raloxifene now to help with the gyno, will just continuing to stay on it well after my last injection be an effective PCT?

    Also, since im taking such a small amount of test, so far my nuts feel and look fine so do you think running an HCG post cycle is necessary? thank you in advance for any help and advice you can give.

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    yes running raloxifene would be fine. Nolva as well. They will still be effective after you cease your AAS.

    I'd always include HCG in the beginning of pct while the AAS clear your system, especially since you are on DECA .

    Some will tell you to take HCG on cycle, 250iu 2 times a week, but the choice is yours.

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    deca , prop, winny, and var..... lol really?

    no AI? caber? prami?

    i would suggest you stop what you are doing, this cycle is a mess, back to the drawing board..

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    drop the deca , switch it to tren ace if you want to keep the other compounds.

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