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    Pct diet

    Hello everyone!
    I wasn't sure if I should post this under pct or diet.

    I just finished up a cycle of 600mg test e week 1-17 and 400mg deca week 1-14. Ran an AI throughout and started use hcg the last 4 weeks. I am currently in the 2 week off period before pct and will start pct next Monday. On cycle I ate about 4200 cals a day with a high carb, high protein diet. Towards the end, I tapered my calories down to about 3700 and lost 4-5 pounds. As of today, I have dropped about 2 pounds since my last injection. Is that normal? How much can I expect to lose? I weighed 220 at the beginning and ended at 240. I'm 6'3 and currently about 11-12 percent body fat. I am eating a high fat, high protein, higher cholesterol diet currently and eating about 4000 cals a day. I wasn't sure if the weight loss was from dropping out a large amount of carbs. For pct I am going to run novla and clomid at 75/50/50/50 and 40/20/20/20. I also will take 3 g of DAA and 3 g of vitamin c. Is there anything I missed? I have been doing about 50 minute workouts with very high intensity and 5-10 minutes of cardio afterwards. Any general advice would be appreciated! Thanks and have a great Tuesday
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