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Thread: PCT help

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    PCT help

    . my first cycle I just ran 250 mg of test a week for 3 weeks and on the fourth week I started a 200mg stack with deca for another 3 weeks. so my cycle was only a total of 6 weeks.
    worked very well for me I also took guardian and DIM cause that what I was told to do. yes not enough research I know . I stayed off my cycle for 4 total weeks and had blood work done, my test levels were high but everything else was good. by the 6th week I started a new cycle of test twice a week 200 mg of EQ twice a week and 250 mg of tren a week.
    everything is working well and on my fourth week even the wife is happy. I am thinking of only running again for 6 weeks before I start my PCT.
    I have gotten some liquid NOVA all the research I have done has said to take 20 mg a day for 4 weeks or 40 a day for 2 weeks then 20 a day for 2 weeks.
    either or is this sufficient? should I be on something else as well. I have also read that the novldex will help in the increase of my natural test as well.
    any help would be great

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