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Thread: acne during pct

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    I have very mild acne issues in my face but my last cycle 2 years ago was like this

    Test E 500/wk
    12 weeks
    During the cycle, around the 2nd week the acne became moderate until the pct period

    My pct was 2 weeks after, nolva and clomid.

    During the 1 month of pct my acne was now worse than the usual.

    Now my question is, im currently taking

    Test prop 400/wk
    Tren ace 300/wk
    Arimidex .5 eod
    Pct same as above.3 days after

    Before this cycle i have no acne issues, but now that im at my 3rd week i still dont have any acne issues.

    Im afraid that maybe the acne would pop up during the pct period again?
    What do you think? Or everything is going to be fine since im at the 3rd week and i have no mild or moderate acne issue?

    Another question

    If my last pin would be Monday, my last dose of arimidex is Tuesday, will my Pct start at thursday?

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    It probably will... Acne is very common during October because of the influx in androgens

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    It's your hormones being out of whack. It's normal. If you were or are prone to acne it does get worse sometimes during and definitely after. I took acutane when I was younger to get rid of my acne and still have a problem with it on cycle and worse during PCT. Only thing I can tell you is to tan. It helps keep it under control.

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