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Thread: First Time Woes

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    First Time Woes

    This part below was copied from my new member thread, I pasted it here for a little background and you can see my dilemma.

    "So I started my first cycle 5 weeks back and have 5 weeks to go.

    My guy sold me Cypionate 200mg.

    I started at 1/2 a cc per injection first 2 shots
    Then I went to 3/4 cc next 2 shots
    and been at 1 cc per shot after.

    I've not really been getting just crazy gains I would say, maybe some things I heard were just overhyped who knows. Diet has been going well, I didn't increase calorie intake, but I got a hold of my macros with 3000 calories give or take 200 calories and macros being pretty even across at 33% i usually have about 240 grams of protein, a little less carbs, and fats in the 100 area easily.

    I weigh 190 at 5'11", and I'd say my results can be what I'd think of as just better dieting instead of the injections, I have gained weight since being on and not lost definition, again this could be diet.

    Energy levels are okay, I'm not just going in to places thinking any differently than before cycle. I'm pretty mellow person.

    My current maxes are
    Bench 300
    Deadlift 525
    Squat 405

    Also here's the kicker, I still don't have my PCT in line, my supplier hasn't gotten any. He said he just used some OTC stuff and has always felt fine no ill effects. That really irks me. I'd much appreciate a PM on information regarding a PCT.

    Thanks, and let me know any recommendations or anything else you guys have to say."

    Okay so now that is over with you can see my problem. I do not have any quality PCT or HCG on hand, as far as an AI is concerned I thought that was only if you experience symptoms of elevated estrogen. I do not believe I have elevated estrogen because I'm not moody, I don't feel the need to cry, my nipples aren't tender. I am holding water, but no more or no less than usual.

    Please help,

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    The worst side effects from elevated estrogen are not visible.

    You should get some aromasin or arimidex , along with hcg , nolva and clomid asap.

    This if you can find gear then this stuff shouldn't be difficult to find.

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    I agree with you, I can probably get them asking around.
    My thing is I may need to start looking for a new source if my guy is this unknowledgeable.

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    I'd make sure you had all your pct before you started cycle.

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