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    Question Need advice for best PCT after 2 year cycle

    Hi, hope some smart people here can help me with PCT.

    I have been on for 2 years. Had two breaks in between that lasted 5 weeks each. First break was with Nolva and Clomid second one without anything. Im sure none of them helped me in any way as they were so short (second break was not even a PCT). I did Test 700mg-1g/week. Never used anything else. Did go thru one bottle of D-bol in the beginning but thats it. No other tropical AS like Deca , Tren ..
    Long time a go read somewhere that if you are not so smart and decide to do long cycle then at least use HCG throughout, thats what i did. Dose from 500ui-1000ui/week almost all 2 years.
    Some more info: Ball never shrunk. Had high BP but after 1.5 years it got normal, dont know why, same dose same Test. A part from mild acne on neck no other side effects.
    Have done many BW tests all was good a part from very high Test. I checked estro all the time and found best adex dose where it was in good range all the time.

    I can have hands on Clomid, Nolva and HCG. Cant get Tore.
    Im 30 years old. Divorced so best time to mess with libido before Im in new relationship.

    p.s: for those who are still making decision abut using steroids make sure you have strong mind cause its not so easy to come off after experiencing benefits from them. I never thought i was so weak in that area, though I'll go on for 12week and thats it.
    p.s.s: English not native so bear with me.
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