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    BetaTOR for PCT?

    I'm wondering if this stuff serves as any sort of benefit during pct? It's called clear muscle, and the active ingredient is free acid beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. That's a mouthful.

    But if the claims of this supplement are true it is supposed to prevent catabolism, which seems to be an ideal recovery aid on PCT. I can't buy into the research claims of gaining 12lbs more muscle than the placebo group over a 3 month period. I'm sure that study was flawed in many ways and it's probably a fraction of that amount.

    thoughs or experience with this supplement?

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    This is hmb and it's been around since the 90s.

    There are studies that show amazing potential and just as many studies that show any positive effects are not statistically significant.

    Imo if it worked as well as the the people who sell it claim then it would be more popular.

    Honestly you should try it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. For the 3-6g/d recommend dosage it's going to cost you about $30-60 a month.

    If you do try hmb it would be interesting if you began a thread with your experiences and thoughts.

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