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    1 Month Post Cycle Bloodwork Results *Help!?*

    Hi Guys,

    I finished my 12 week cycle end of September.
    I ran Test, Tren A, EQ. The tren I did for only 6 weeks.
    I ran Arimidex during the cycle EOD 0.5mg, no negative sides or gyno.

    25 years old
    188 lbs 12% bodyfat
    Gained approx 15 lbs of lean mass this cycle kept almost all.


    Nolva - 40mg first 2 weeks, 20mg for 2 weeks.
    HCG - 2 weeks after last pin. 4 weeks total

    Overall I am feeling okay, sex drive is ok, diet is still great and have only lost about 3-4 lbs.
    I don't feel as energetic/aggresive at the gym which sucks, but I just did my bloodwork approx 6 weeks since last pin.


    Testosterone 18.4 nMol/L
    Works out to approx 552 if I am calculating it right.

    I do have a previous blood test just need to get it from the doctor to compare.

    My Question
    1.) Will my natural T Levels increase more in the next few months? Or have they recovered the best they can in these 6 weeks.

    2.) Should I do clomid + Nolva for 14 days right now to get my levels higher?

    3.) I am 25 years old. is 552 average/low?

    Thank you very much for reading, and looking forward to the responses.
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    Anyone? Much appreciated

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    Dude it hasn't even been three hours since your OP.

    There's no need to bump the thread.

    If you did a four week long PCT and you had bw 6 weeks after last pin then your bw is is skewed because you still had SERMs in your system.

    You need to wait at least 6-8 weeks after ending SERM therapy before having bw.

    1. Your natural test likely won't be any higher in the coming months.

    2. I don't see the point to taking more SERMs at this point.

    3. A TT reading of 530 ng/dl is great for a 52 year old, but as stated above those results are not accurate.

    I it would be a good idea to wait a few more weeks and then retest.

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    Compare the result with the previous blood work once you have it and see where you are. Everyone is different with natural test levels.

    I'm a little concerned with the way you were running HCG , surely you are aware it would be counter-productive to run it during PCT.

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